Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Art of finding the G-Spot

Secret point in the genital organs, commonly called G-spot always invite curiosity. G-spot is still a sensitive point which is still a mystery to everyone, the article if the couple stumbled upon this point, it seems well ... exorbitant! But yes it is, difficult to trace back.

Letter? G? in the G-spot comes from Grafenberg (Dr Grafenberg), inventor of the spots (dots) in women who can bring them achieve extraordinary pleasure. Orgasm equals love.

Although the mysterious G-spot can actually be traced, provided you know the tricks. Well, that mystery is unfolding and reward you with matchless love of pleasure, the following moment-jurusnya during sex with a partner:

1. Relax, the body is clean, fragrant breath would strongly support the event more enjoyable sex. Make sure you and your partner is clean.

2. Ask your partner to massage, kiss and touch the sensitive parts such as breasts and genitalia. Do everything slowly and with feeling. No deadline, right

3. Make sure he's fingernails trimmed, because the fingers are? Weapon? important to help find the secret spot. How: have your partner insert two fingers into your female organs dealing with the finger position. If you feel pleasure, feel free to express feelings with a gasp or a sigh spoiled. He'll know he has managed to find a secret spot your enjoyment

4. Rely on the organ he's virility. It was white you would prefer the organ that it's very tempting. Powerful way that he's properties reach your G-spot is to get around sex positions. If the property the he tends to bend a certain direction, make love with the position of T. Ask him to lie horizontally, you otherwise.

Actually, where does the location of the G-spot? Apparently he was in the middle between the opening of the vagina and cervix, just inside the front wall of the vagina. Imagine your property is in the small hours just pointed to number 12. In most women, the G-spot is located on clockwise around the 11 and 1. Still have not met too? Try to explore the G-spot just behind the vagina hair. It is rather difficult to find yourself, so ask the fingers of the him that long to reach them. It is said that hell, the finger is more effective to find this mysterious area because it is relatively easy to suppress rather than his penis.

Remember, do not hesitate to express themselves during sex with a partner. Cover-up will only hurt you know, so no maximum sex satisfaction. Do not want to lose you?


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