Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Men's favorite topic of conversation

Do not think only women who like to get together and gossip about many things. Men also love this activity. In fact, men are also creatures who love to chat as well as women.

But by naked eye, see a man talking does not seem too emotional or passionate as women. When assembled with each other, there are the things they talk about.
Then, what conversation topics are most favored by men? These five most common and interesting things for men to talk about.

1. Car / Motor Bike  
You would often see the boys are busy playing his toy cars. It turned out as adults, they still love everything about automotive. Men talk about the motor vehicle hobby with friends. Usually they are happy to compare, who's latest car, modified cars who is the coolest car or how high speed they have. The man was happy to show off the car superiority to his friends, whenever they gathered.
2. Sport  

It was almost all men love sports. Whether it's just a watch, or participate in certain sports clubs. Even a man who does not seem to be physically active, when treated to a football game on TV would be lost in euphoria. Men are very happy to spend hours and hours just to talk about their favorite teams, players who think they're great and predict who will be champion in a match.

3. Woman  
Do not think only women who like to talk about men. Apparently, men 'hobby' makes women as a topic of conversation, especially when they gather. What they usually talk about? Excerpted from the All Women stalk, body shape and nature of women, became a favorite conversation among men. Usually they are happy to compare between a single woman, with another woman.

4. Joke 'Bad'  
Men love to joke-joke to be considered 'stand out' among his friends. Jokes usually revolve around sex, women and stuff 'naughty' other. But do not always assume they are negative nature. Because it is a normal thing common practice among men.

5. School Period  
When hanging out with friends as a child or adolescent, there is no most interesting thing they are talking about, in addition to interesting moments in the school. Maybe you've heard, a group of men engrossed in discussing the teacher who most fierce, the prom, a former lover while in school or the mischief they had done. Hmm, it seems the women also like to do that right?


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